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steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1290710/Shiro/

Holo and Shiro are twin sisters who travel the world since childhood in search of adventure. Once they were attacked by the evil witch Satella and took Shiro to her gloomy cave. Now Holo has to find his sister.

Help Holo find her sister. Overcome a dense forest, an ancient temple, dangerous dungeons and destroy enemies in this pixelated adventure platformer!


  • Balancing combat and platforming
  • Over 25 levels
  • Unique events and mini-games
  • Challenging gameplay
  • funny rabbits
  • A dynamic and lively world

Shiro, my dear sister. Wherever you are now, know that we will definitely meet again. I promise.


I also used some assets:

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Hi! Any plans to bring the full version here on Itchio as well? Or is it going to be a Steam exclusive for the foreseeable future?


my name is Juan, www.flynnsarcades.com CEO. I was really impressed with your game "Shiro". I do not know if you have in mind publishing on Nintendo Switch, if so, please let us know as we would be really interested. We could offer the possibility to publish it in America, Europe, and even Asia, even hard copies all around the world.

Thank you for your time. 


Juan Peralta


Look, it does not matter how cute your game is, if you don't let me rebind key to the one I'm comfortable play a goddamn platformer I'm not gonna care.  Even if it is a goddamn .ini file.

You dont drive a car with wheel that has directions switched and all pedals random, do you? 


Onto impressions! I was a little disappointed the character came from an asset pack, but it fits well with the environment and I like the atmosphere - so that doesn't matter. (and I would really love to see that ledge grab)

I have one issue with the background and that's the parallax moving faster than the foreground. To create the illusion of perspective the background usually scrolls slower than the foreground. This way around it feels a little disorienting, as if you were moving in a tight circle with the pivot point in front of the screen (in that case the background actually scrolls faster).

And a technical thing: some foreground tiles don't scroll properly on my machine and frequently show horizontal gaps:

I really like the slow and deliberate controls, but they are going to be extremely unpopular if you don't polish them up a whole lot. Like adding a ton of move cancel options (like you already do for attack out of landing - I'd expect to cancel most things with a roll or jump for example) and input buffers (like still jumping again if you start to press and hold jump while falling/landing instead of requiring to press afterwards).

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PHI already covered a whole lot. I might be repeating some stuff as I list a bunch of issues I ran into:

The wall slide cancels any straight up jump near a wall (my intention is to go up, but instead it feels like jumping into an invisible ceiling):

I imagine this wall at the start is meant to force learning the attack, but it's not actually high enough (granted a wall jump is much harder than finding the attack input with instructions on screen - if taking down the wall took longer than climbing over it that could be a fun speed strategy though):

You can land with an attack and still be forced through the landing animation afterwards:

The jump characters will frustrate a lot of players as they are now, because you need to press the jump button near it rather than holding it as instructed (and expected):

Up diagonals send you down instead of up or forward, quite deadly once these get chained with spikes all around (don't mind me passing straight through here, that's just my rebinding not working with the hold function of them at that point - the issue exists regardless):


Alright I think that's as far as I'm going to get with this version (I stopped a bit after entering the funky house with the first non-key door).


Wow, great job! I will listen to all your advice and will definitely make the game better.
True, GIFs are cool.


Are you using a shader to animate the grass and plants or is it by hand?


 For such tiny animations I use "Juice_FX"

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https://thomas-lean.itch.io/assets2 also links to https://jesse-m.itch.io/skeleton-pack


I indicated information about assets at the very bottom of the page!


Yes! But both of them link to the first one.